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Entry #2


2013-02-11 15:29:18 by zeropolaritybear

What's that? Our second game? Yay, it's out! Go check out Adam! Thanks for all the feedback, and, more than anything else, thanks for playing! I should probably stop right here. Who's reading this anyway?



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2013-02-11 20:17:01

I read this -_-

zeropolaritybear responds:

Why, thank you. :D


2013-02-12 01:43:52

Dude! interesting game... gonna see how far I can get

zeropolaritybear responds:

Thanks, it really means a lot to su. :D


2013-02-12 09:10:32

Kinda fun. :3 I got stuck on the bootstrapping level. I figured it out eventually, but I have a quick point of advice. In the future, don't make a puzzle out of the controls. It's more fun to solve a problem with tools you understand, than to try to figure out what tools you need.